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What is Travel Training?

What is Travel Training?

You will work with the Mobility Manager, who will help you find solutions that best fit your situation, your abilities, and your needs. Training will involve a series of steps from one-on-one instruction to a gradual lessening of assistance, leading to independent travel.


The Highland County Mobility Manager or Transportation staff are available to ride with you as many times as necessary to assure you are confident and feel knowledgeable in using these transportation services.

Get Started Today!

The Mobility Manager will set up a time to meet with you and complete a mobility assessment to assist you in determining your travel goals. Each trainee's needs and abilities are different, so training techniques and time devoted will vary with each unique individual.


Contact the Highland County Mobility Manager to learn more about the travel training process or to schedule an assessment.

Highland County Mobility Manager
Chris Hetzel
313A Chillicothe Ave
Hillsboro, Oh. 45133

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